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If you're expecting eviljeff.com then I've decided to retire the website. I still have copies of the content if there is something in particular you want, but its no longer publicly accessible.

Attachment Extractor

You may be here looking for documentation for Attachment Extractor, the Thunderbird add-on. I've uploaded grabs of the relevant documentation for archive purposes via the button below but the add-on should be continued discontinued. AttachmentExtractor still partly works, but its not been maintained in a long while - if it doesn't work for you then sorry but I can no longer justify any time spent getting it working.

Attachment Extractor


Some random photos from my www.flickr.com photostream. (refresh page to get different ones)
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About Me

I work for Mozilla, the awesome international not-for-profit organisation that most famously makes the Firefox web browser. My current role is as an Add-ons Technical Editor on the Addons.Mozilla.org.

I live in Sheffield in the UK (go north to Manchester, then east across the hills a bit) and have for the past 12 years (more or less).

Website Design

"Why, this fresh design looks somewhat familar..."
Yeah, its twitter bootstrap, the choice for lazy web designers everywhere.

I chose it because it was quick to implement and well documented. Plus, how much time do I need to spend knocking up a vanity website I ask you. Don't judge me!

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